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The Slocan: East Van Breakfast

If you’ve read by blog long enough, you probably know that I’m always looking for a good breakfast. The problem is that I’m running out of breakfast joints that actually open up early (especially on the weekends). Brunch is fine… but who wants to wait until 10-11am? Having to run errands on an early Saturday morning, I dropped by The Slocan, a diner located in my old East Vancouver haunts.
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James on Hastings – Dry Fried Curry Dungeness Crab

Back in June, we were feeling the craving for some tasty crab so we headed over to James on Hastings… a tiny hole-in-the-wall restaurant on (you guessed it) Hastings Street.
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Fortune City Seafood – Okay Dim Sum

Fortune City Seafood is a large Chinese restaurant located on the top floor of the complex at 1st and Renfrew. As with most Chinese restaurants located in mini mall complexes, I detest the parking (or maybe it’s just the other drivers that I detest).
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Knight & Day (Lougheed) – How is this place so busy?

Ah, Knight & Day… the oft disparaged, late-night eats located at the corner of Boundary Road and Lougheed Hwy. I haven’t been here for over 20 years and, from what I recall, the food wasn’t that great.
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Cindy’s Palace – Dim Sum

Cindy’s Palace is a small restaurant located at the corner of Nanaimo and 2nd Avenue in Vancouver.  There’s actually not a lot of large tables in the restaurant – there only seemed to be a few tables that could fit 8 or more people comfortably – most looked like medium-sized tables that could fit at most 6 people or smaller-sized tables for 4 people.

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Le Petit Saigon – Vietnamese Food Near the PNE

Le Petit Saigon is only a block and a half away from the PNE so we decided to come here instead of eating lunch at the fair this year (click here to see our post on PNE 2012 Food Fest).  We’ve been to Le Petit Saigon before during off-peak hours and enjoyed the food that we had here.  This time around, we visited closer to noon and it was packed in this tiny shop and the service clearly suffered. Read the rest of this entry

Fortune City Seafood Restaurant

Fortune City Seafood Restaurant is a relatively new (7-8 months) restaurant located on the third floor of the complex located at 1st and Renfrew.  The restaurant is pretty large and, on the night that we went, it was packed with tons of large families… as a matter of fact, I’m not sure if I even saw any small tables in the restaurant. Read the rest of this entry