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Carp Sushi + Bento – Poke Bowls

2016 will come down as the year that poke finally arrived in Vancouver. Poke (pronounced po-keh) is a simple but classic dish that we fell in love with when we visited Hawaii… cubed, fresh, raw fish, marinated in special sauces (mainly shoyu, sesame oil, and/or spicy mayo).
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Valley Sushi – Unassuming Spot in Lynn Valley Village

Valley Sushi is a medium-sized restaurant located in Lynn Valley Village. Finding ourselves hungry in the area, we decided to stop by and grab some eats. It’s rather unassuming from the outside but the interior seemed clean and inviting.
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Joey Burnaby – Double Crown Burger

What are the two things that you can always count on when you go to a Joey Restaurant?  The food’s going to be good and the waitresses will be well dressed (not that I’m one to notice that last part)… have to be careful here… my wife reads this blog (or so she tells me). Read the rest of this entry