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Sakuraya Taiyaki: Tokyo 2017

After our extremely filling meal at Ginza Bairin, we walked to nearby Hakuhinkan Toy Park (a great place to check out your favourite cartoon or anime character). A couple of blocks away, in the Shinbashi area of Minato, is a tiny street-level taiyaki stand called Sakuraya Taiyaki.
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Naruto Taiyaki Honpo Asakusa Shin-Nakami (Tokyo 2016): Baked Sea Bream

One of the desserts that we wanted to try during our visit to Japan was taiyaki (literally “baked sea bream”). Now, I know what you’re thinking… baked sea bream doesn’t sound like a dessert (actually, it sounds like a pretty good main course). No, Taiyaki is a fish-shaped dessert that’s usually filled with a sweet red bean paste.
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