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Sashimiya: High-End Take-Out

One of the things that we seem to be seeing a lot more of (perhaps due to Covid) is many restaurants and food shops pivoting to take-out only. Sashimiya is one of the places that doesn’t offer dine-in seating. Instead, they act as a combination of Japanese grocery store and take-out shop where you can get freshly made sushi and sashimi that rivals any high-end Japanese restaurant.
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Takenaka: Takeout Bento and Chirashi

Never has takeout food looked or tasted so good. Such are the thoughts that filled the minds of many people (including myself) as images of impressive bento boxes, chirashi bowls and sushi filled up instafeeds for the last few months. Takenaka is strictly takeout focused, working out of a commissary kitchen in East Vancouver, but also runs a food truck and offers pickup from Konbiniya Japan Centre on Robson Street in downtown.
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Masayoshi: Special Take-Out Menu

When the whole coronapocaplyse shut down dine-in eating at restaurants, it was a bit of an inconvenience at first… then I started to realize just how often I ate at restaurants – turns out we’re saving a lot of money by me not eating out. After a couple of weeks, I started to get cravings for Japanese food and it so happened that I saw that Masayoshi was going to offer special take-out meals. I’ve had Masayoshi on my radar for a long time but never found the time to visit in person before so I figured this was serendipitous.
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Peppers Grill: Mexican and BBQ Fusion

Peppers Grill is a newish take-out spot located at the corner of Edmonds and Canada Way in Burnaby that specializes in BBQ and Mexican food. While there are a few seats here where you can dine-in, everything seems to be geared towards take-out orders and they’ll still serve your dine-in order in take-out containers complete with pre-packaged disposable utensils and napkins. In today’s age, I would expect a bit more concern with the environment (they don’t even recycle the pop cans that you buy here – everything just goes in the trash).
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Quik Bite: Filipino Take-Out

What happens when you plan on going to try a new food establishment and only find out that they’re closed for some reason or another? Well, it happens to me a lot. I was on my way to try out the new Goldilocks location in North Fraserway but was dismayed that they were closed (their door was locked, no sign, nothing…) I tried calling their phone number but no one picked up. I later found out that they were closed for inventory and training (word of advice: put a sign up, put it on your Facebook page, website, etc…). Anyhoo… that’s how I ended up at Quik Bite for lunch… I needed a quick bite.
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