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Masayoshi: Special Take-Out Menu

When the whole coronapocaplyse shut down dine-in eating at restaurants, it was a bit of an inconvenience at first… then I started to realize just how often I ate at restaurants – turns out we’re saving a lot of money by me not eating out. After a couple of weeks, I started to get cravings for Japanese food and it so happened that I saw that Masayoshi was going to offer special take-out meals. I’ve had Masayoshi on my radar for a long time but never found the time to visit in person before so I figured this was serendipitous.
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Peppers Grill: Mexican and BBQ Fusion

Peppers Grill is a newish take-out spot located at the corner of Edmonds and Canada Way in Burnaby that specializes in BBQ and Mexican food. While there are a few seats here where you can dine-in, everything seems to be geared towards take-out orders and they’ll still serve your dine-in order in take-out containers complete with pre-packaged disposable utensils and napkins. In today’s age, I would expect a bit more concern with the environment (they don’t even recycle the pop cans that you buy here – everything just goes in the trash).
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Quik Bite: Filipino Take-Out

What happens when you plan on going to try a new food establishment and only find out that they’re closed for some reason or another? Well, it happens to me a lot. I was on my way to try out the new Goldilocks location in North Fraserway but was dismayed that they were closed (their door was locked, no sign, nothing…) I tried calling their phone number but no one picked up. I later found out that they were closed for inventory and training (word of advice: put a sign up, put it on your Facebook page, website, etc…). Anyhoo… that’s how I ended up at Quik Bite for lunch… I needed a quick bite.
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