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Mon Ami Gabi (Las Vegas 2013) – Parisian Café in Vegas

Okay, so if you’re not up for a 10 hour flight to France, you can head down to Vegas to experience dining at a Parisian café. Read the rest of this entry

America Restaurant (Las Vegas 2013) – The Cronut

During our recent visit to Vegas, they were doing a bunch of renovations at the New York – New York Hotel so we almost didn’t go inside.  Lucky for us we did because we accidentally stumbled across the America Restaurant which serves cronuts.

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Spice Market Buffet (Las Vegas 2013)

We’re not as young as we used to be so we don’t spend as much time at buffets in Vegas anymore.  Still, we felt like we needed to try at least one during our visit so we picked the Spice Market Buffet located under the Planet Hollywood casino.

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Lobster ME (Las Vegas 2013) – The Lobsicle

When I first heard about a restaurant in Vegas dedicated to lobster I thought, “yes, please!”

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Serendipity 3 (Las Vegas 2013)

Just like The Cheesecake Factory, Serendipity 3 is one of our go-to places in Vegas.  Located right outside Caesar’s Palace on the Strip, they seem to have had some changes to their interior since our last visit (perhaps they’re undergoing renovations).

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Oyster Bay (Las Vegas 2013)

Oyster Bay is an Italian Seafood restaurant located in the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood.  With the vast array of restaurants available in the area, it’s a bit unassuming with the straw awnings, wood posts, and nautical rope serving as a partition to the rest of the mall.

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Cheesecake Factory (Las Vegas 2013)

The Cheesecake Factory is one of our regular haunts in Vegas and is located at the very end of the Forum Shops in Caesars Palace.  They have a very extensive menu so we noshed on the complimentary bread while we decided on which cheesecake to pick.  The darker bread (a whole honey wheat type of bread) is my favourite and shouldn’t be passed up.

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Earl of Sandwich (Las Vegas 2013)

We spent a lot of time on our recent trip to Vegas at the Earl of Sandwich in the Planet Hollywood Resert for a few very important reasons… 1) love the hot sandwiches here, 2) open 24 hours a day, 3) free Wi-Fi. Read the rest of this entry

BurGR by Gordon Ramsay (Las Vegas 2013)

Vegas, baby!  Some of you that have been reading our blog may remember that we were in Vegas last December too.  We weren’t planning on coming back to Vegas so soon but we couldn’t pass on the great price. Read the rest of this entry

Jean-Philippe Pâtisserie (Las Vegas – Aria and Bellagio)

If you’re someone who has a sweet tooth and find yourself in Vegas, you should check out Jean-Philippe Pâtisserie.  The last time we were here, Jean-Philippe Maury only had the one pâtisserie location (in the Bellagio) which was known for their impressive chocolate fountain. Read the rest of this entry

Serendipity 3 (Las Vegas – Caesars Palace)

The Webster’s Dictionary defines “serendipity” as the phenomenon of finding valuable things not sought for.  Of course, Annie Edison would say describe the “Webster’s Dictionary defines…” intro as being the Jim Belushi of speech openings.  It accomplishes nothing, but everyone keeps on using it, and no one knows why.

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Chicken Connection (Las Vegas – Fashion Show Mall)

The Chicken Connection is another food stall in the Fashion Show Mall where you can grab a quick bite after some serious shopping. Read the rest of this entry