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Kobe Motomachi Doria: Tokyo 2017

In our continuing attempt to try different Japanese dishes, we stopped by Kobe Motomachi Doria in the LaQua Shopping Centre near Tokyo Dome. Japanese seem to love their cheese (and I don’t blame them). It’s a bit interesting because Chinese and Japanese share a lot in common in terms of food yet you really don’t see cheese used in Chinese cooking (perhaps it’s because so many Chinese are lactose intolerant).
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Shunpu Banri: Tokyo 2017

Tokyo Dome City (also known as “Big Egg City” due to the dome-shaped roof of the stadium located in Bunkyo) is also home of LaQua, a shopping mall and amusement centre. Located on the 9th floor of LaQua is Shunpu Banri, a higher-end Japanese restaurant that is both spacious and tourist-friendly.
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Chez Lui (Tokyo Dome): Tokyo 2017

Breakfast in Japan usually turned out to be some type of bakery item for us (mainly because these were the places that were open when we were heading out). Not too far from our hotel, in the Meets Port building in Tokyo Dome City, is a small bakery called Chez Lui serving up unique French/Japanese pastries.
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Moomin Bakery & Café: Tokyo 2017

In a crowded city like Tokyo, which has a population of over 13.5 million people, it’s actually quite common for residents to feel alone and isolated. I suppose that’s why places like Moomin Bakery and Café are quite popular. It combines all of the things that Japanese people want (cute Finnish characters and Instagram worthy treats) with things that Japanese people need (staff here will bring large stuffed Moonmin characters to your table to keep you company).
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Hanbijae LaQua (Tokyo 2016): Dolsot Bibimbap in Japan

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Moomin Bakery & Cafe (Tokyo 2016): Feeling Lonely? Eat with a Moomin!

While we were in Tokyo this year, we headed out to the nearby Tokyo Dome/LaQua shopping area for some early morning breakfast. While there wasn’t much open at this time, we did come across this cute little spot called Moomin Bakery & Cafe.
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