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Dragon Group Seafood Restaurant: Tasty Dim Sum in Richmond

Dragon Group Seafood Restaurant is located on the busy corner of Alderbridge and Garden City Road in Richmond – and I’ve got to say, they have a really confounding parking lot – I kept driving around trying how to find how to get into the parking lot before figuring out I had to enter from the backside (that’s why she said).
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Fortune Terrace Chinese Cuisine: Fancy Dim Sum

Fortune Terrace is one of the many Chinese restaurants that you can find in Richmond. The thing that really sticks out in my mind whenever we visit this place is the humongous digital screen which takes up a whole wall. Seriously, I need one of these tvs for my home.
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Neptune Palace Seafood Restaurant: Fancy Dim Sum

We only recently noticed that the extravagantly large restaurant located on the 2nd floor of the Marine Gateway complex had changed from Ban Dao Peal to Neptune Palace Seafood Restaurant so we decided to pop in for a visit. The interior is expansive and impressive, right down to the blingy columns and the plush carpeting. The nice thing is that you don’t feel squished in like some smaller restaurants.
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Yue Restaurant: Dim Sum in Richmond

Weekends are made for dim sum (guess it’s the Chinese equivalent of brunch). We decided to check out Yue Restaurant in mid-August. This well-appointed restaurant is located in a little mini mall in Richmond and has a couple of private rooms in the back.
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Lucky Plus Restaurant: Dim Sum

We’ve been to Lucky Plus Restaurant in the past… but never for dim sum. Since there’s not many dim sum restaurants in this area, we decided to see how their dishes turned out.
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