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Marukame Udon (Hawaii 2017): Nikutama Udon

Our last meal in Waikiki this year was appropriately at one of our favourite spots… Marukame Udon. If you haven’t enjoyed their special Sanuki-style udon noodles, you really haven’t lived.
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Shokudo Restaurant: Kushiage and Kitsune Udon

Shokudo is a Japanese restaurant that recently moved into the former Amorosa Pasta House location on Edmonds and 6th St (Amorosa moved next door to combine with their Greek Santali House).
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Udon No Shikoku (Tokyo 2016): Shibuya Tokyu Department Store

It seems like inside every department store in Japan, you can find a lot of food options… typically, the basement floors have the deli and fast food options while restaurants are located on the higher floors. Read the rest of this entry

Hi Genki: Don Don Udon

As I’ve mentioned in the past, Hi Genki is a bit of a hidden gem tucked away next to the National Nikkei Heritage Centre. That’s a slight misnomer as plenty of people are aware of the great food here now and lineups during lunchtime are not unexpected.
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Marukame Udon (Hawaii 2016) – Oodles of Noodles

Ever since our first visit to Marukame Udon, we’ve made a point to come back to this udon joint every time we come to Waikiki. This isn’t your ordinary udon… line ups for Marukame is legendary.
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Marukame Udon (Waikiki 2015) – Sanuki-Style Udon for Breakfast

If you love noodles and only have one place that you can visit in Waikiki, make sure to try Marukame Udon on Kuhio Avenue.
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Sekai Udon Bar – Hit and Miss

There was a time when I didn’t really mind the Sui Sha Ya that occupied the location next to the Bay in Metrotown. I remember actually having a really good unagi congee there once. Of course, over time, like most AYCE places, quality went down and we stopped going there. Recently, the tired and dated Sui Shaw Ya has been replaced by a udon bar.
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