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Dipped Doughnuts: Vegan Doughnuts by Delivery

A few months ago, I started seeing a lot of posts about vegan doughnuts. Now, I’m not in the least bit vegan but these doughnuts looked real good. Turns out that Dipped Doughnuts is the purveyor of said 100% vegan doughnuts but, to my dismay, they had no storefront for me to drop by and pick up some (they currently work out of a commissary kitchen and offer their wares in select cafes).
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A&W (South Burnaby): Beyond Meat Burger vs Teen Burger

While I’m not opposed to non-meat burgers per se, I’ve tried many over the years with varying level of success. Generally, the thing that usually turns me off “veggie” burgers is the texture. Recently A&W has been really promoting their “Beyond Meat” burger which they claim is made from 100% plant-based protein. Sounds kinda vague, doesn’t it?
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Grub on Main: Amazing Grub

Grub is a small eatery on Main Street that’s been open since 2007. It’s funny because I’ve often driven or walked past this area of Main Street and have never even noticed this restaurant. Run by Chef/Owner Ling, there’s a surprising well-rounded selection of options on the menu with 95% of their produce supplied by their farm in Langley.
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V Cafe: Banh Mi and Vegan Beef Stew

I had such high hopes for V Cafe. I mean, I was just coming here for a banh mi. For those of you who haven’t tried it before, a banh mi is a type of Vietnamese sandwich served in an airy and crusty baguette.
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Cartems Donuterie (Pop Up Shop)

The latest craze to hit the Vancouver food scene is Cartems Donuterie (don’t you just love the word “Donuterie”?) who opened up a pop up shop diagonally across from Pigeon Park on the corner of East Hastings and Carrall (yup, that’s not a mis-print).  Touted as offering freshly made donuts with unique flavours and locally sourced ingredients – they are the current darling of the Vancouver donut community. Read the rest of this entry