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Broken Rice – Shaken Beef

Finding ourselves in The Heights one evening, we decided to drop by Broken Rice for an early dinner as we enjoyed our last visit when we tried their garlic butter chicken wings.
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Mr. Red Cafe – Special Sticky Rice

As I mentioned on my post on Old Ginger, I was having a tough time visiting restaurants during the beginning of December… first, I wasn’t able to visit Peaceful Restaurant because they didn’t open when they said they would and then Mr. Red turned me away because their power went out right as I walked through the door. Well, I’m nothing if I’m not persistent and finally made it back to Mr. Red later in the week.
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Ha Cafe – Hidden Vietamese

Ha Cafe is an easy-to-miss Vietnamese restaurant located in Old Orchard Shopping Centre in Burnaby next to the Shoppers Drug Mart.
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Kim Anh – Vietnamese-Canadian Cafe

If you live in Vancouver, chances are, you’ve tried pho before, driven by a hole-in-the-wall pho joint, or have argued with someone on the correct pronunciation of “pho”.

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Paradise Vegetarian Noodle House – What the Pho?

Have you ever heard of a vegetarian pho before?  Yeah, me neither.  One of the characteristic elements of pho (for me at least) is the beef and the broth.

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Thai’s Saigon Bistro – Vietnamese in the Heights

When I first saw the name of this restaurant, I wondered… is it Thai? or is it Vietnamese?  Well, to answer the question, it is Vietnamese… Saigon, of course, referring to the former name of Ho Chi Minh City.

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Purple Lotus – Vietnamese in New West

No, Purple Lotus has nothing to do with Barney or yoga. Instead, it’s a Vietnamese restaurant located in New West along 12th Street.  In keeping with their name, however, the interior does have many shades of purple but suffers from looking a bit dated.  Read the rest of this entry

Vina Vietnamese (Richmond Centre)

Many years ago, a Vina food stall was my first introduction to to Vietnamese-style food.  Now, after experiencing real hole-in-the-wall Vietnamese restaurants, I can still appreciate the food from Vina.

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Gold Train II Express at Market Crossing

Until recently, the dining options around Market Crossing were seriously lacking in the Asian-cuisine department (aside from Genji Japanese Restaurant).  That is until Gold Train II Express moved in next to the tanning salon.

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Phnom Penh – Oyster Pancake and Chicken Wings on Everyone’s Birthday

On the seventh day of the Lunar New Year, people celebrate Yan Yat… “Everyone’s Birthday”.  I suppose in certain cultures, the individual’s birthday was not as important as the New Year’s date so they conventionally added one year to their age on this date.

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Broken Rice – Garlic Butter Chicken Wings

The 4000 block of E. Hastings is a place you have to visit if you’re in North Burnaby.  Everything from Chez Meme to Valley Bakery and Turkish Donair can be found along this little stretch… including Broken Rice. Read the rest of this entry

Indochine Kitchen + Bar = Garlic Butter Chicken Wings

Despite the similarities between the food at Indochine and Phnom Penh, there are obvious differences between the two restaurants.  First off, the atmosphere is completely different… inside Indochine, you’ll find clean lines, dark furniture, and multiple large screen tvs. Read the rest of this entry