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Le Petit Saigon – Vietnamese Food Near the PNE

Le Petit Saigon is only a block and a half away from the PNE so we decided to come here instead of eating lunch at the fair this year (click here to see our post on PNE 2012 Food Fest).  We’ve been to Le Petit Saigon before during off-peak hours and enjoyed the food that we had here.  This time around, we visited closer to noon and it was packed in this tiny shop and the service clearly suffered. Read the rest of this entry

A Taste of Vietnam

I was reading a review of A Taste of Vietnam on Eating in Vancouver and noticed the Deep Fried Chicken Wings that were compared to the ones at Phnom Penh.  That was pretty much enough for me to want to try this place out. Read the rest of this entry

Pho Maxima Restaurant – One of the Top 5 Vietnamese Places in New West

I’ve probably driven by Pho Maxima a number of times over the years and never noticed it.  Located in New Westminster only a couple of blocks away from the Burnaby border, you can often see the Southbound traffic heading down 20th street block the entrance to the little mini plaza that it’s located in. Read the rest of this entry

Truong Thanh Vietnamese Restaurant

Truong Thanh is a small hole-in-the-wall Vietnamese restaurant on Kingsway – but then, aren’t most Vietnamese restaurants small hole-in-the-wall joints? Read the rest of this entry

Phnom Penh – All the Best Stuff

We had tried to visit Phnom Penh back in March but found out that they were closed for renovations.  Usually, “closed for renos” is Chinese restaurant code word for a pest problem so I was surprised that the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority’s food inspection website said that they were pest free when they inspected the place in the middle of March. Read the rest of this entry

Tung Hing Bakery – Chinese Pastries and Banh Mi Too

On our first visit to Tung Hing Bakery (during our epic Bánh Mì Pilgrimage last year) we totally bypassed the fact that Tung Hing also serves a big selection of Chinese pastries. Read the rest of this entry

Au Petit Cafe – Banh Mi Pilgrimage (4th Stop)

After my previous bánh mì pilgrimage visits to Kim Chau Deli, Tung Hing Bakery and Ba Le Deli & Bakery on Kingsway, I ended my trip at Au Petit Café located on Main Street.  While a little further away, it was well worth the trip.  Now, unlike the other 3 bánh mì spots, Au Petit is an actual full-fledged restaurant (albeit small) and serves a number of other dishes other than bánh mì.  I think Eating in Vancouver put it best by describing this place as a “hole-in-the-wall Vietnamese joint” but that didn’t seem to dissuade the number of diners that were already there (most of which were of a more advanced age). Read the rest of this entry

Ba Le Deli & Bakery – Banh Mi Pilgrimage (3rd Stop)

We’re now halfway through my bánh mì pilgrimage after our visit to Kim Chau Deli and Tung Hing Bakery.  Unlike the previous two shops, Ba Le does have limited seating available (3 tables).  Oddly enough, while Ba Le calls itself a “Deli & Bakery”, it doesn’t seem to have as much deli items as Kim Chau or as much bakery items as Tung Hing.  Ba Le was fairly busy with a couple of people in line for bánh mì. Read the rest of this entry

Tung Hing Bakery – Banh Mi Pilgrimage (2nd Stop)

Our second stop on our bánh mì pilgrimage after our visit to Kim Chau Deli is nearby Tung Hing Bakery.  Unlike Kim Chau, Tung Hing is a full-serve bakery and carries the usual egg tarts, bbq pork buns, cake slices, etc… as well as a station where they make the bánh mì right in front of you.  When you place your order, you can see all of the fresh ingredients laid out before you as they quickly and expertly assemble your sandwich. You can see some nice interior pics of the bakery at Eating in Vancouver’s recent post. Read the rest of this entry

Kim Chau Deli – Banh Mi Pilgrimage (1st Stop)

I’ve been feeling in the mood for bánh mì lately so I figured the best thing would be to make a pilgrimage to the “Bánh Mì Triangle” – an area along Kingsway and Main Street that are known to have some of the best bánh mì vendors in town.  Okay, so most of the restaurants are on Kingsway but I thought it would be more dramatic to compare it to a triangle (à la Bermuda Triangle) since a properly made bánh mì can be just as magical and mystical as the mysterious patch of ocean in the Atlantic.

Read the rest of this entry

Basil Leaf (Aberdeen Centre) – Soup and Sandwich

Let me just say that this isn’t like the soup and sandwich that you get at a regular delicatessen.  Given the prices, however, I think you can’t find a better deal. Read the rest of this entry

Phnom Penh – Dinner Party

The other day, we and some friends decided to have a dinner party at Phnom Penh.  Did you know you can reserve large tables in advance?  It’s a good idea since it always seems busy at this little Chinatown holdout.  While we were dining, we noticed a table next to us that was obviously reserved.  Some Chinese family boldly walked in past the crowds of patiently waiting guests, sat down, and were quickly shoo’d away by the staff when they found out the table didn’t belong to them. Read the rest of this entry