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Village Taphouse: Mac and Cheese

While summer has officially come and gone in Vancouver, we stopped by the Village Taphouse in West Vancouver after a fun hike around Lighthouse Park on the last sunny day of September. I suppose it made architectural sense since there’s a large lighthouse right outside this pub located in the heart of the Village at Park Royal.
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Milestones (West Vancouver) – Knife and Fork Breakfast

It seems like it’s been a good three years since we last dined at the Milestones in Park Royal. And although there have been plenty of changes this last year with the mall expansion, the consistency of the food at this Milestones is a welcome treat.

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Olive & Anchor – Oysters at Horseshoe Bay

If you live in the Lower Mainland, when you hear the words “Horseshoe Bay”, you probably think of long lineups at the ferry terminal.  It’s no wonder since this is the 3rd largest BC Ferries terminal.  Read the rest of this entry

Berry’s Frozen Yogurt & Ice Cream in Horseshoe Bay

Berry’s Frozen Yogurt & Ice Cream is a little shop in picturesque Horseshoe Bay.  We stopped by for a couple of scoops after our lunch at Olive & Anchor and had the Mint Chocolate Chip and Mango ($4.25). Read the rest of this entry

La Régalade – French Onion Soup

We’ve been to La Régalade before and enjoyed our visit (see our previous post) but we don’t always find ourselves out in West Van too often.  Fortunately, they open for brunch (Fri, Sat, Sun @ 11:30am) so we dropped by on the weekend last November.  It was empty when we first arrived but got busier as noon approached. Read the rest of this entry

The Bakehouse in Dundarave – Breakfast in West Van

Why do we keep coming back to The Bakehouse in Dundarave?  Haven’t you seen The Dog’s Breakfast and the Posh Smoked Salmon Brunch that they serve?  If that isn’t enough to make your mouth water, just sit right back and take a gander at some of these other fine dishes that they offer. Read the rest of this entry

Dundarave Fish Market

Dundarave Fish Market is not just a fish market… it’s also a restaurant.  We found ourselves in the neighbourhood late one day and decided to stop by for dinner.  When the fish market is closed, they expand the restaurant by placing tables in front of the fish counter/display.  Read the rest of this entry

Beachside Forno – Brunch

Beachside Forno is a spacious restaurant located in West Vancouver just steps away from Ambleside Beach.  Although it looked pretty sunny outside, we decided against the patio since it was October and a wee bit chilly in the air.

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La Régalade French Bistro

I’ve been thinking about trying out La Régalade for a long time but West Vancouver is a bit far for us to travel on a regular day.  Luckily, they’ve started to open on Sundays so we came by for an early dinner. Read the rest of this entry


Cindy’s is a small little diner/café located near Trafiq on Marine Drive in West Vancouver.  They were pretty busy on a Saturday morning so they must be doing something right. Read the rest of this entry

The Bakehouse in Dundarave – Posh Smoked Salmon Brunch

We were up in the Dundarave area early one morning but had some trouble finding somewhere to eat.  We were originally going to try the Dundarave Fish Market but, when we walked in, they told us the restaurant side wasn’t open until 11am so we trodded back down the block to try out The Bakehouse in Dundarave again. Read the rest of this entry

Savary Island Pie Company

While I’ve never been much of a pie-eater before (I’m more of a cake-person), I have to admit that my interest in pies peaked while watching Pushing Daisies a few years ago.  In that show, Ned, the main character (who has the unique ability to bring people back to life – with possible dire consequences) runs a place call The Pie Hole. Read the rest of this entry