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Great Glass Elevator Candy Shop (Whistler 2015)

If you find yourself up in Whistler with a sweet tooth, you don’t have to travel far to satisfy your cravings. Located right in the Olympic Plaza, you’re sure to find something pleasing in the 1,000 sq ft shop.
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Purebread (Whistler 2013) – Scones, Nutella Krispie, and Lemon Chevre Brownie

Up until recently, if you were looking for baked products from Purebread, you’d either have to head out to their location at Function Junction or hit them up at a local farmer’s market. Read the rest of this entry

Quattro (Whistler 2013) – Beef Tenderloin and Pork Rack Chop

As I mentioned previously, although being “dog friendly”, trying to dine out with your pooch really limits your options.  Because of this, most of our dining at Whistler was limited to patio or take-out options.  For our last dinner at Whistler, we were all excited about trying Thai in the Village only to find out that they were closed on that day.  We decided on Quattro instead as we enjoyed our meal at their Vancouver location. Read the rest of this entry

Moguls Coffee House (Whistler 2013)

There’s no shortage of coffee shops in Whistler.  While I’m not a coffee drinker, I don’t mind partaking in the pastries that usually accompany the caffeinated beverages.

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Ingrid’s Village Cafe (Whistler 2013)

Ingrid’s Village Cafe is one of our favourite spots to pick up yummy sandwiches in Whistler.  On our last visit, we were so enamored by their turkey sandwich that we ordered it again on our latest visit.

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Dubh Linn Gate Irish Pub (Whistler 2013) – Guinness and Crab Bisque

Dubh Linn Gate is one of the restaurants that we were interested in trying out since they have a patio.  Unforunately, dogs aren’t welcome on patios in Whistler.  Some places will let you sit at the edge of the patio while your pooch is tied up outside but we prefer to be unsegregated so we grabbed some food to go. Read the rest of this entry

Hatley Gelato Scoops (Whistler 2013) – Lucia Gelato

Hatley Gelato Scoops (despite the address) is located on the Village Stroll just past the Village Gate Blvd overpass.  When we last visited Whistler, this store seemed to be more of a clothing/gift shop.  They still sell their signature Hatley character wear but they also serve Lucia Gelato. Read the rest of this entry

Dinky Dawgs (Whistler 2013)

Dinky Dawgs is one of the food shops that we noticed on our last visit to Whistler but didn’t have the time to try.  Tucked away in a little side street, it’s easy to miss. Read the rest of this entry

Fuji Market Sushi (Whistler 2013) – Hidden Gem

Whistler, like many tourist destinations, has no shortage of places to dine out.  However, despite being called a “dog-friendly” town, your options are limited if you actually want to dine out with your pooch.  Sure, there are plenty of restaurants with patios that will let you tie up your dog just outside of the patio… but this species segregation really isn’t for us.  Read the rest of this entry

Pacific Bistro (Whistler)

The Pacific Bistro is located in the Pan Pacific Whistler Village Centre and serves up a pretty kick-ass complimentary breakfast buffet each morning. Read the rest of this entry

Sushi Village (Whistler)

Sushi Village is located on the 2nd floor of the Sundail Boutique Hotel in the village.  Due to all of the construction in the area, we probably wouldn’t have even noticed the restaurant if we weren’t sitting down and enjoying a Zog’s Dog right outside. Read the rest of this entry

La Bocca (Whistler) – Gelato

La Bocca is a restaurant located right in the middle of Whistler village with a patio that always seems busy.  They also operate a gelateria right next door that serves up freshly-made gelato.  Read the rest of this entry