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Ingrid’s Village Cafe (Whistler)

The first day that we tried to visit Ingrid’s Village Cafe, they were just closing up shop so we made a point to come back the next day. Read the rest of this entry

Splitz Grill (Whistler) – Custom Made Burgers

After a long hike in the trails around Lost Lake with Sophie (mental note for future trips: black diamond trails = steep, rocky, and mildly dangerous), we managed to find our way back to Whistler Village and were starving for some lunch.  I had heard of some good things about the Splitz Grill in Vancouver but never tried them out and a custom made burger was sounding pretty good at the moment. Read the rest of this entry

Beaver Tails (Whistler)

As I mentioned on my previous post, you can also buy Beaver Tails at Zog’s Dogs.  Don’t worry… it’s not actually a tail from a beaver… these are just fried dough in the rough shape of a beaver’s tail. Read the rest of this entry

Zog’s Dogs (Whistler)

Zog’s Dogs is something that you can’t miss when you come to Whistler.  Located near the ski lifts, they serve… you guessed it… hot dogs!  While they’re also known for their poutine, we weren’t looking for something that filling and stuck with regular fries.  Plus, Sophie loves fries and the gravy probably would have given her a tummy ache. Read the rest of this entry

COWS (Whistler) – Mooooo!

COWS has been a staple at Whistler for years and it’s easy to see why.  With a higher butterfat content (16%) than regular ice cream and the fact that they open late… this makes the perfect spot to grab some comforting dessert after a hard day of hiking (or shopping).

Read the rest of this entry

Earl’s (Whistler)

It’s been years since we’ve been back to Whistler so we decided to bring Sophie with us as we’ve always heard that Whistler is very dog friendly.  This time around we stayed in the Pan Pacific Whistler Village Centre and were very pleased when they upgraded us from a basic studio to the 2 bedroom penthouse Whistler Suite.  OMG, this suite was awesome! Read the rest of this entry

GrassRoots Pizza vs. Avalanche Pizza (Whistler)

I guess it goes without saying that a town like Whistler (that’s built on the snowboarding community) would have a ton of pizza joints littered around the village.  After all, if you’ve got the munchies after a day of snowboarding (or whatever else an unnamed Olympic Medallist does in his spare time), nothing hits the spot better than a slice of pizza. Read the rest of this entry