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89°C Wonderful House Restaurant – Hit-and-Miss

The corner of Kingsway and Salisbury in Burnaby is kind of like the Bermuda Triangle of restaurants… I remember it previously being Private Home Chinese Cuisine, Highgate Chinese Restaurant, and Dai Sushi.
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Dinesty Dumpling House (Burnaby)

Dinesty Dumpling House recently opened last December across from Metrotown… which is a good thing because there’s a lack of good XLB places in the neighbourhood. Sure, there’s Xu’s in Crystal Mall (which has some of the better XLBs around) – but who wants to fight through that crazy Crystal Mall parkade?
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Top Shanghai Cuisine – Worst. Service. Ever.

Ok, the thing that you’ve got to know about most Chinese restaurants is that you can’t expect much in terms of service. So when you run into a restaurant which makes all of the other Chinese restaurants look like 5-star contenders, that’s saying a lot.
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Fraser Court Seafood Restaurant – Dim Sum

Fraser Court Seafood is a large (I’m talking about 500 seating capacity) Chinese restaurant located on the 2nd floor of a building on Fraser Street.
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Tony’s Beef Noodle

Tony’s Beef Noodle is a tiny little ghetto/hole-in-the-wall Taiwanese noodle shop across from Oakridge Centre. Despite being small, it was quite busy during our visit.
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Peaceful Restaurant

After my previous bad luck experience trying to visit Peaceful Restaurant (see my visit to Old Ginger), I finally managed to stop by when Peaceful was open. It was still quite busy around 1:30pm but, fortunately, the tables were moving quickly and I got a seat with little waiting.
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Old Ginger

Not all ginger is the same. The proponents of ginger state that young ginger tends to lower body temperature (useful for hyperthyroidism or fevers) whereas old ginger raises body temperature. Truth be told, however, I didn’t plan on visiting Old Ginger on this cold December day.
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Xu’s Wonton House – Juicy Mini Pork Buns

I’ve heard many good things about the xiao long bao at Xu’s Wonton House in Crystal Mall but, I must admit, I was confused when I first visited and couldn’t find them on the menu.
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Long’s Noodle House – Steamed Mini Pork Buns (aka XLB)

This place should seriously be called Long’s Steamed Mini Pork Buns House. They’re that good.
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Jin Jiang Shanghai Restaurant @ the Best Western

It’s interesting how some restaurants seem to be located in the most inexplicable locations. Now, in the Lower Mainland (Burnaby to be specific), the location of a Shanghai restaurant attached to a Best Western isn’t too strange given the large Asian population here.

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Spring Garden Chinese Seafood Restaurant

Spring Garden is an old-school Chinese restaurant located on 12th Street in New West.  The tired interior isn’t much to look at, especially the white plastic tablecloths on the larger tables.   Read the rest of this entry

Private Home Chinese Cuisine (Imperial)

I’m not sure if it’s a chain, but there’s another location of Private Home Chinese Cuisine located on Imperial Street in Burnaby.  This one is much smaller than the location on Kingsway.  Still, the food and menu seems the same. Read the rest of this entry