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Sojibou (Narita International Airport Terminal 2): Tokyo 2017

The international departing Terminal 2 of Narita International Airport has a wide variety of food shops where you can pick up last minute food stuff before you fly back home. They also have some pretty good restaurants that you can dine at, which is where we had our last meal during our visit to Japan.
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Shunpu Banri: Tokyo 2017

Tokyo Dome City (also known as “Big Egg City” due to the dome-shaped roof of the stadium located in Bunkyo) is also home of LaQua, a shopping mall and amusement centre. Located on the 9th floor of LaQua is Shunpu Banri, a higher-end Japanese restaurant that is both spacious and tourist-friendly.
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Ikoi Sushi – Japanese Run Sushi Place in Sapperton

I’ve kind of run out of interesting restaurants within close proximity of my work place so I’ve been branching out to the relatively close Sapperton area of New Westminster lately. While I’ve driven down East Columbia many times in the past, I’ve never noticed Ikoi Sushi before… probably because it’s located at the far end of a tiny strip mall.
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