Day 4: Kuromon Ichiba Market, Umeda

After our first visit to Kuromon Ichiba Market on Day 2, we knew that we wanted to revisit and try some of the things that we didn’t get to try the first time around. Personally, I think the best time to visit is during the morning because you avoid most of the crowds.


While we were waiting for Kuromon Sanpei to open, we decided to try some of the sushi at Maguro Entoki Kuromon Ichiba Market. Their collection of 10 pieces of assorted nigiri came out to 2000円 which is a pretty good price given the quality of the seafood you get.

20171124_090925 20171124_090014

By the time we were finished with our sushi, Kuromon Sanpei had finally opened and we had to decide on what we wanted to try. That’s when we picked up this behemoth of a grilled shrimp on-a-stick (it looked like the size of a lobster).

20171124_091449 20171124_091836

The grilled shrimp had us in the mood for some more grilled seafood so we headed over to Sennariya. We were amazed by all of the seafood that they had on display, ready to grill. You just point to what you want and pay them and they’ll grill it up for you. One of the good things about this shop (which is like a market within a market) is that they have plenty of seating available inside.

20171124_093027 20171124_094207

After our seafood breakfast, we headed over to Abeno Harukas which is a large shopping complex about 15-20 minutes away by train.


But before we headed over there, we made a quick pit stop at Krispy Kreme Abeno located in the Abeno Q’s Mall. They had a Happy Banana Tree doughnut as part of their Christmas menu… how could we pass up banana filling.

20171124_104314 20171124_104439

Speaking of Abeno Q’s Mall… that’s where we came across a small Snoopy Town shop… they almost have as many Snoopy things as we do.

20171124_110630 20171124_111523

20171124_110649 20171124_110706

Across the street, we headed over toAbeno Harukas Kintetsu Department Store which is situated in the tallest building in Osaka.


While they have an observatory at the top, the place that you really need to check out is in their basement. That’s where all of the food’s kept. Everything from rice crackers to Russian chocolates to skewers upon skewers of grilled meats. Just keep in mind that there’s really not much in terms of seating area to enjoy your food here.

20171124_122712 20171124_123239

20171124_123530 20171124_125023

Although we saw Umeda during the night, we really wanted to give the area another go during the daytime. It’s really a busy area and we were starting to feel some hunger pains. We really enjoyed the Japanese curry that we had on our visit in 2016 so we decided to try out the CoCo Ichibanyan Umeda which is located just outside Umeda Station.

20171124_155043 20171124_153719

If you’ve never had Japanese hashed curry before, you have to give this a go.


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