Peaked Pies (Whistler 2015)

Where better than the majestically snow-capped resort of Whistler could you find “peaked” pies?

These freshly baked Aussie meat pies are a definite comfort food item and their shop can be found right next to the Splitz Grill on Main Street. What’s a “peaked” pie you might ask? Essentially, they top their regular meat pie with a healthy serving of mashed potatoes, “mushy” peas, and rich gravy. We decided to try their peaked steak pie as well as a regular chicken pie.


First off, the regular meat pies are pretty good on their own and you don’t really need them to be peaked.


The chicken filling was tender and moist and went well with the flaky crust.


But the peaked toppings are just the kicker. In truth, the peas were more smashed rather than mushy… not that I minded. If you have a hearty appetite, you won’t be disappointed here.


I thought it was cool how the meat pie looked like a mountaintop.


After our meal, I was too stuffed to have anything else. Next time I might want to try their lamington.

105 – 4369 Main Street
Whistler, BC

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  1. They look delicious!

  2. Peaked pies are excellent. When we were up there last summer for 5 days we ate there twice and brought home a big box’s worth (which didn’t really last that long). I even implored the owners to open one up down here.

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