Mali Thai Restaurant: Comforting Thai Food

I have a love for Thai food. I think it’s partly the comfort of eating yummy curries with mountains of carbs. Not to mention the spicy heat and the combination of hot and sour flavours that you don’t always get in other cuisine.

We stopped by Mali Thai on Main Street in mid-March for some Thai take-out and ordered some of our go-to items when it comes to Thai food:

  • Chicken Satay ($11.95) – I liked how the chicken pieces here (marinated in coconut milk) were super tender and not dry.
  • Tom Yum Goong ($10.95) – A pretty good version of hot and sour soup.
  • Thai Spring Rolls ($9.95) – While the spring rolls were crispy, I found that the filling in some of the pieces were not evenly distributed as some bites only had bean thread noodles whereas other bites had both bean thread noodles and cabbage.
  • Red Duck Curry ($18.95) – I always love ordering this dish (although I wish that it came with lychee). The creamy curry sauce also had pineapple, bamboo shoots, peas, tomato, carrots, and basil.
  • Pad Thai Prawns ($18.95) – They use a tomato-based sauce for their pad thai so if you’re a pad thai snob that only likes tamarind sauce, you might be disappointed.

20210319_124645 (Custom)

Overall, we were pleased with the food that we got here.

2710 Main St, Vancouver, BC

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