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The Gray Olive Cafeteria – Brunch in Burnaby Heights

Okay, anyone who’s read this blog for a while probably knows that I love breakfast… so when one of our friends and their family recently opened up The Gray Olive Cafeteria in Burnaby Heights, we were quite pleased.

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Take Sushi – Grilled Salmon Belly

We’re big fans of Take Sushi, located on Hastings Street in North Burnaby. I don’t think we’ve ever had anything bad here before.
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Fortuna Bakery – North Burnaby Pastries

There’s no shortage of quality bakeries along the Hastings corridor in North Burnaby. After a filling meal at Anton’s back in March, we noticed Fortuna Bakery – a family-owned Portuguese and European bakery/deli that’s been operating in Burnaby Heights for over 35 years.
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Anton’s Pasta Bar – Conchiglie Alla Cosentina

She sells seashells by the seashore. The only reason why I bring up this tongue-twister is that I wound up ordering the Conchiglie Alla Cosentina at Anton’s Pasta Bar back in early March.
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Whole Foods Market (Burnaby) – Rainbow of Colours

I’ve been impressed with Whole Foods since the first day that we visited. Sure, their prices are sometimes higher than other grocery stores, but the quality of items and the service makes up for it.
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Osaka Sushi – North Burnaby

So there I was… sitting in front of my laptop… staring at a picture of some Japanese food… thinking to myself, “where the heck did I take this picture?” Guess that’s what happens when you eat out a lot.
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Chez Meme Baguette Bistro – French Toast Brioche and Baguette Willy

Chez Meme Baguette Bistro is a popular eatery in North Burnaby. True to their name, many of their dishes are accompanied by the tastiest baguettes in the city.
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Broken Rice – Curried Chicken Ballotine

I’ve already had a few posts on Broken Rice located in North Burnaby so I’ll just keep this short and sweet.
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Bon Bon Bakery – New Location

It seemed to take forever for Bon Bon Bakery to reopen. The bakery that used to be located on Victoria Drive has reopened along Hastings Street in Burnaby.
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Broken Rice – Shaken Beef

Finding ourselves in The Heights one evening, we decided to drop by Broken Rice for an early dinner as we enjoyed our last visit when we tried their garlic butter chicken wings.
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Anton’s Pasta Bar – No Line Up

We’ve been to Anton’s Pasta Bar on a number of occasions in the past but, unlike our first visit, we refuse to wait in the long lineup that always seems to snake in front of this restaurant.

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Take Sushi – Tuna and Mango Salad

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