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Chad Thai: Better the Second Time Around

It’s been a number of years since my last visit to Chad Thai in the Burnaby Heights area… mainly because I wasn’t really thrilled with the food the first time around. However, finding us in the area on a rainy Sunday with a hankering for Thai food convinced me to give them another go.
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Ban Chok Dee Thai Cuisine: Langley Thai Food

So we don’t find ourselves out in Langley very often. But after doing some flower shopping at a couple of nurseries in the area, we wound up at Ban Chok Dee Thai Cuisine in mid-June.
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Van Thai: Fairly Solid Thai Dishes

Last year, I did a round of all of the Thai restaurants in the New Westminster area and I was pleasantly surprised by some of the shops. Earlier this year, I noticed a newish Thai spot that opened up on Carnarvon St (near the Skytrain station) called Van Thai. The interior is spacious but a bit on the dark side with minimal decor (partly due to the dark wood coloured chairs, tables, and chair railing).
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Eat Me Thai: Grilled Pork Cheek Salad

Even though “Punjabi Market” is primarily located on Main Street, I’ve often associated the neighbouring area along Fraser St to be part and parcel with it. However, much like how Chinatown is no longer the sole domain of Chinese stores and restaurants, this area of south Fraser St has become more multicultural over time. Eat Me Thai is one such example and is brought to you by the team from Bangkok City Cafe on West 4th.
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Sabai Thai: Thai Eats in Guildford

I’m sure there are plenty of good restaurants in Surrey… I just don’t have the need or desire to spend much time in the area. Well, we found ourselves in a 2 hour lineup for a book signing near Guildford one Saturday and decided to get some food in the area afterwards. That’s how we ended up at Sabai Thai.
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Maenam: Family-Style Thai with a Twist

Maenam is one of the many popular restaurants under Chef Angus An’s belt where they serve up family-style Thai food using fresh, local ingredients.
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Patsara Thai: Some Potential But Needs Work

When I first discovered Patsara Thai in New Westminster, I was quite excited. The restaurant is fairly unassuming from the outside. The only clue that this building contains a Thai restaurant is the completely purple exterior and the small sign in the window.
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Thai Express (Metrotown) – Food Court Eats

Thai Express opened up in the Metrotown food court earlier this year… it’s more like Thai-ish food that’s been modified to work in a fast food environment.
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Aree Thai – Menu Needs Updating

Aree Thai has been on my radar for quite some time. It’s located in a fairly non-descript section of Kingsway so I always wind up driving by it without stopping. Our visit was actually prompted by an aborted attempt to go back to Oka-San on Fraser. As it turned out, Oka-San was closed due to unforeseen circumstances so we headed over to Aree Thai to grab a late lunch.
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Kin Kao Thai Kitchen – Minimalistic Thai Food on The Drive

Kin Kao Thai Kitchen is a tiny, minimalistic restaurant located on Commercial Drive. This is also mirrored by their limited menu offerings (they have 8 main dishes, all priced at $12). Due to the size of the restaurant, you can hear the food being furiously cooked in woks in the kitchen.
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Jitlada Thai Restaurant – Small But Tasty Dishes

I’ve been wanting to try Jitlada for a very long time… but, for whatever reason, we haven’t been able to find the time.
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Thai Escape – Thai near Joyce Skytrain

Back on October 8th, 2013, a new Thai restaurant opened up near the Joyce Skytrain station where the old Solav Souvlaki used to be. Read the rest of this entry