Dockside Restaurant – Linguine

To me, 2013 felt like a very long year so I was trying to use up some of my accumulated vacation with short 1-day staycations.  On one of those days in late November, we decided to head out to Granville Island and paid a visit to one of our staples… Dockside Restaurant located in the Granville Island Hotel.

We initially wanted to try the mussels but our waitress said that they weren’t going to be ready for another hour.  No doubt, it was because they were prepping for the large group of Japanese students that they were hosting for lunch.  It was interesting to see how very quiet their group was during lunch compared to the other diners in the restaurant.

Instead, we started with the Legendary Chili Squid ($12).  This appy is aptly named because the squid was perfectly panfried with ginger, lemongrass, garlic and cilantro.  The large squid steaks were super tender and the dish had a nice heat to finish it off.


Speaking of tender… the Flat Iron Steak ($20) is a 6oz cut from the shoulder and served with roasted roma tomatoes, asparagus, and a really flavourful bacon roasted red pepper bbq sauce all topped with matchstick fries for added textural contrast.


My lunch special ($18) was the linguine with beef, mushrooms, and heirloom tomatoes in a cheesy sauce.  Again, OMG, the beef in this pasta dish was super tender and the cheese was perfect for a cheese-lover like me.


No disappointments here and they have a great view of False Creek while you dine.

1253 Johnston Street
Vancouver, BC

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