Mr. Greek Donair Shop: Donairs, Donairs, Donairs

Back in August, I came across Mr. Greek Donair Shop, located next to the Save on Foods on the upper level of Highgate Mall. Unless you frequent this area, it’s easy to miss because you can’t see it from the street level.

When I walked inside the bright and spacious (but minimally adorned) interior, I was surprised to see so many people working behind the counter. They must have had a large order of take-out donairs because they looked like they were working at an assembly line, piecing each donair to order.

I decided to try their Beef Plate ($11.43) which lets you choose your pick of salad and rice (which I thought was a nice option). I opted for the tabouleh and dill rice and it also comes with pita bread. I was actually fairly pleased with this order (although I think the tabouleh was missing something – perhaps it needed more diced tomatoes).

20190823_112329 (Custom)

On my second visit, I ordered the Beef Donair ($8.57 + $0.5 for the added feta). This is a really big, stuffed, and filling donair. Inside, you get your usual lettuce, tomato, cucumber, pickles, hot peppers, tabbouleh, red onions, tzatziki, hot sauce, and meat. I thought that the beef was a bit too shredded for my liking. While I added feta cheese to this, I think that was a mistake as it kind of threw off the flavour.

20190910_115836 (Custom)

On my third visit, I went with the Lamb Donair ($8.57) and remembered to skip the feta cheese. It’s very similar to the beef donair – just with a different protein. Like the beef version, the lamb was a bit too shredded for my liking but this is a very filling wrap that should satisfy your hunger pangs.

20191002_114942 (Custom)

Next, I tried their Chicken Donair ($8.57). Again, not much different than their other donairs with the exception of the protein used. That being said, the chicken version is pretty good and it had a nice char to the exterior of the meat.

20191227_120233 (Custom).jpg

Nothing really fancy here but solid, tummy-filling, donairs.

7155 Arcola Way
Burnaby, BC

Mr. Greek Donair Shop Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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