Anton’s Pasta Bar – No Line Up

We’ve been to Anton’s Pasta Bar on a number of occasions in the past but, unlike our first visit, we refuse to wait in the long lineup that always seems to snake in front of this restaurant.

If you’re looking to come here without the wait, it’s best to avoid the peak hours. We arrived at 4:30pm on a weekday and there wasn’t a lineup. That’s not to say that they weren’t busy though. There were still plenty of diners inside enjoying their mountains of pasta.

First out of the gate was the complimentary bread… it’s both airy and flaky so it does make it difficult to eat without making a mess of crumbs. We ordered the Mista Salad, and like the pasta dishes, the portion size is very generous.


The most difficult thing is trying to figure out what to order. We wound up getting the Agnolotti Cardinale (squarish pasta pockets stuffed with meat and served in a tomato cream sauce) and the Linguine Raffaele (sausage, spinach, feta cheese, and chili flakes in garlic and evoo). The linguine is thicker than I’m used to but well cooked. I found the feta to be a firmer variety and not as crumbled or as sour tasting as regular feta cheese.


As usual, we wound up taking a good portion of our dishes home with us. If you’re looking to visit Anton’s and want to avoid the long lineups, try visiting during off-peak hours.

4260 Hastings Street
Burnaby, BC

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  1. Love this place! Their chicken and pesto pasta is amazing

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