Hi Sushi or “Hai” Sushi?

Hi Sushi is located on Carnarvon Street, behind the Plaza 88 and New West Skytrain Station. The interior walls are decorated with large dictionary-style explanations of what the word “Hi” means in English and what the phonetically-similar word “Hai” means in Japanese.

Aside from that, the interior is fairly clean and filled with a number of small tables as well as a wall-mounted tv showing various menu items.


The Gomae ($2.90) arrived pre-molded and free-standing with copious amounts of sesame-miso sauce on top of the chilled spinach.

The Salmon and Tuna Sashimi ($9.90) came with 4 pieces each. The sashimi was pretty good but the salmon, having a buttery softness to it, was better than the tuna.


I was a bit surprised at how large the Chicken Karaage ($5.90) was. The six large pieces of chicken came encased in a thin batter (kind of like tempura) but I found it difficult to bite through the pieces. I’m guessing that they used chicken breast meat as it became a bit stringy. Personally, I prefer when restaurants use thigh meat for karaage. Still, the meat wasn’t dry so it wasn’t too bad.

Often times, I order BC Rolls hoping for the filling to have salmon skin in it. Sometimes it’s more bbq salmon meat than skin. However, the BC Roll ($3.50) at Hi Sushi had plenty of salmon skin filling. And for 8 pieces, the price is pretty fair.


I also picked up a couple of nigiri pieces… the Unagi ($1.90), Negitoro ($1.90), and Chopped Scallop ($2.50). All three pieces were prepared well but I really liked the fatty tuna mixed with fresh scallions.


I grabbed a Chicken Yakisoba ($8.90) to go and didn’t realize until I got home that they had decorated my take-out container with hand-made drawings… that was a nice touch.


Overall, the food was pretty solid but I didn’t get any tea refills despite the place being not very busy during my visit. I might come back to try some of their specialty rolls like their Lady Gaga Roll or Angel Kiss Roll.

881 Carnarvon Street
New Westminster, BC

Hi Sushi Japanese Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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