Icepik Shavery – Snow Cream

Having been to Hawaii, where “shave ice” reigns supreme, I have to admit that the Taiwanese “snow cream” version is pretty awesome. Icepik Shavery recently opened up on Kingsway and brings this new treat to Vancouverites.

The difference is in the ice block itself… instead of just shaving a block of frozen water, the ice block that they use has milk in it as well as fresh fruit blended in. The result is light and airy ribbons of snow fluff that remains both creamy and flavourful.

The interior is pretty small and always seems busy whenever we pass by. You can choose from one of their pre-set items or pick your own pairings of flavours and toppings.

We went with a medium combo 4 which had mango snow cream with strawberries, mango chunks, pillowy rice cakes, and mango jelly. We also added lychee poppings for an extra charge. You can see in the first picture that they got our order wrong. But it also lets you see how delicate and ribbony the snow cream comes out.


When we told them of their error, they quickly added the requisite toppings. This is sooo good! Can’t wait to try some of their other flavours. I’m sure they will get super busy as the weather gets warmer.


3377 Kingsway
Vancouver, BC

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