Knight & Day (Lougheed) – How is this place so busy?

Ah, Knight & Day… the oft disparaged, late-night eats located at the corner of Boundary Road and Lougheed Hwy. I haven’t been here for over 20 years and, from what I recall, the food wasn’t that great.

Despite that, the parking lot always seems full whenever I drive by. I found myself in the neighbourhood one early Saturday morning and decided to see if they’ve changed at all. True to form, the parking lot was full… this time with antique collector cars. My waitress, an aged-version of Sarah Shahi wearing a tight black dress with fishnet stockings, said that a car club regularly visits on Saturday mornings.

I started out with a Hot Chocolate, which was pretty much just standard for a diner like this. For my breakfast, I picked the Corned Beef Hash.


The hash came with 2 sausage links, 2 eggs (I picked sunny side up), 2 rashers of bacon, and toast… along with a ton of hashbrowns. There wasn’t much that was great with this breakfast… the corned beef was very thinly sliced and not as plentiful as I expected. While the bacon was thin as well, it wasn’t too bad. The eggs were slightly overcooked. The hashbrowns were more dry than anything else and lacked the crispness that you expect from shredded hashbrowns. I wound up having to use a lot of ketchup to wash it down.


I still don’t get why this place is so busy. My waitress was friendly enough but it’d take more than that to make me want to come back for another revisit. If you want to checkout the antique collector cars in the parking lot on Saturday morning, it might be a good idea to do that first and then walk across the street for breakfast at McDonalds.

3684 Lougheed Hwy
Vancouver, BC

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  1. i agree with what you wrote. I think in 30 of ”driving years” i ate here about 4 times, usually suckered in by a friend or relative. The place itself inside is pleasant enough, the servers seem good and kind, the coffee is ok….but the food nothing special, nothing memorable. I often just go to mom & pop diners these days….cheap, friendly, good food. Yesterday i found myself over at AMELIA’S Restaurant ( not amelia’s cafe..that is a diff place..)….640 12th St
    New Westminster, BC V3M 4J4

    Phone number (604) 522-3288……or Victoria Diner, victoria drive at 49th ave, vancouver, or the little diner dives all along east hastings from victoria drive to all the way up into north burnaby.

  2. if you do go to Victoria Drive diner, order the western dishes, such as the patty melt, double cheese burger, a very good clubhouse, you can pay .50 cents extra for onion rings, coffee is good , ironically, the chinese food was kinda bland (they are ex hong kongers)..the breakfasts are good and fairly cheaply priced. Wait till you see the crowd of rude morons waiting to catch the bus directly out front..dont feel bad swinging the door wide on your way out..they look at you like confused zombies whether you say excuse me/pardon me..move! ( you will see) 🙂

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