Sandbar Seafood Restaurant – Mussels, Oysters, and Hash

I know that there are a lot of places to eat at Granville Island but one of our default go-to places is the Sandbar.  Run under the same banner that manages The Teahouse, Cardero’s, and Seasons in the Park, they know how to put together a good plate of food and all have beautiful locations… perfect for a date.

We started out our meal with the Blue Shell Mussels ($15) in a coconut red curry sauce.  While the regular appy doesn’t come with fries, the broth goes equally well with the fresh bread that they serve (they brought us out another serving of crusty bread after we finsihed our first serving).  It was a very filling serving of plump mussels and we were surprised that it was only 1 lb of mussels because it seemed larger.

Apparently, they have Mussel Mania going on Mon-Fri 3-6pm where you get the mussels, fries, and a beer for just $12.


Pan Fried Oysters ($12) – I love pan fried oysters so we usually pick this appy when we come here.  I remember when they used to plate this dish by lining up the oysters and topping each one with the chili lime aioli and tobiko… wish they would go back to that – it much more dramatic and impressive looking.


I decided to try something that we’ve never had before and ordered the Seafood Hash ($22).  To be honest, it wasn’t exactly how I expected it to be because it wasn’t like a traditional hash.  It comes with a fillet of grilled steelhead topped with a grilled scallop and prawn, and served with 2 poached eggs, caramelized sweet onions, potatoes, and a tomato basil chutney.

I would have preferred if the potatoes were crispy hash browns instead but the eggs were poached perfectly and the runny yolks mixed well with the rest of the dish.


Take a look at some of our previous visits for a Staycation, to try out their Lettuce Wraps, and for the Seafood Hot Pot.

1535 Johnston Street
Vancouver, BC

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