Romer’s Burger Bar (W 4th) – Turducken

No one word evokes so many different feelings than Turducken.  Some people fear it.  Some people are disgusted by it.  And some people lust for it in a way that is mildly inappropriate.

We recently won the August Burger of the Month Contest at Romer’s Burger Bar and were invited by Steve and the rest of the gang at Romer’s to try it out.  For those of you that are unfamiliar with the term, turducken is a dish where you stuff a chicken into a duck which is then stuffed into a turkey.  Insane?  Probably.  Tasty?  Yes please.

We started out with some drinks… Thomas Kemper Root Beer and Mango Mint Iced Tea.

While we’ve eaten at Romer’s before, we brought some friends who haven’t, so we decided to try a bunch of the different appies.

The spicyness of the Kosher Dills takes a little while to kick in… it’s a heat that builds over time.  Dills were nice and crunchy.

We ordered the Garlic Fries but I’m pretty sure they brought us just the regular fries… not that these were bad.  They’re double-cooked with sea salt and are quite addictive.

I wanted to try the braised short-rib poutine – and I’m glad we did.  It tasted like the same awesome braised short-rib that they use in their Righteous Rib Burger. Check out our previous post showcasing the Righteous Rib Burger here.  Really, how can you go wrong with short-ribs, cheese curds, crispy fries, and gravy?

Of course, the Onion Rings dusted with reggiano and thyme were deep-fried to perfection… huge and crispy onion rings.

On our previous Grab N Go from Romer’s in the River District, we tried the simple yet tasty Sea Salt and Toasted Pepper Chicken Wings.  For a burger joint, they really make some outstanding chicken wings.  I’m still waiting to try their Spicy Hot Butter Sauce with Gorgonzola Cream Chicken Wings – but I’ll make sure I’m not wearing a white shirt because it sounds very messy. Check out our Grab N Go post here.

So, the real reason for our visit was the August Burger of the Month… Turducken!

Now, Romer’s said that they originally tried the triple-meat burger by cooking it as a traditional turducken but it didn’t turn out well so they wound up layering the individual meats separately and onto green apple matchsticks.  This had the added effect of creating a much lighter-tasting burger than you would otherwise think.

No Romer’s meal would be complete without their Famous Drunken Doughnuts.  These taste even better than the ones at the PNE.  Dusted in powdered sugar… Kahlua Nutella (our favourite), Limoncello, and Maple Whiskey dipping sauces.

August is quickly coming to a close so make sure you stop by and try out their Turducken Burger.

Food:  5 / 5
Service:  5 / 5

1873 West 4th Avenue
Vancouver, BC

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