Makan Place – Malaysian Food in Burnaby

Did someone say there was a new Malaysian restaurant in Burnaby? As soon as I saw this pop up on my radar, I thought I had to give them a visit.

Now, if you’re looking for something like a Tamarind Hill in New West, you’re going to be a bit disappointed. Makan is more bare bones… you order you meal at the counter and this place is cash-only. The utensils are also located up front so you just help yourself.

I ordered the Nasi Biryani Kambing ($9.95) – with spicy lamb meat (bone-in) that was mostly tender. I did enjoy the rice as the grains are separated – unlike the regular short-grain rice that you get at Chinese restaurants. A minor annoyance was that the plastic plate kept wobbling to and fro as I was eating.


I also ordered the Roti Prata ($3.95) – this is essentially the same as Roti Canai. The bread had a nice crisp outer shell but I found that it lacked the fluffy/puffy interior that I’m used to.


Overall, the food was okay but the menu is fairly limited and there’s not much in terms of service.

7677 6th Street
Burnaby, BC

Makan Place on Urbanspoon


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