Gingeri Chinese Cuisine (Lansdowne) – Dim Sum

There’s lots of places to get dim sum in Richmond but it’s so much more convenient when the restaurant is located in a mall like Lansdowne… plenty of free parking spaces.

Gingeri is located on the side of the mall that houses both Tropika and Mongolian Little Sheep Hot Pot. While they have standard dim sum fare such as har gow and siu mai, they also have some interesting dishes that you don’t see at all dim sum restaurants (check out our last post on Gingeri here).

Still, this time around, we decided to start off with the Steamed Beef Rice Rolls ($5.25) which is a fairly common dim sum dish. The silky smooth rice rolls contrasts with the crunchy water chestnuts in the filling.


The Steamed Mini Sticky Rice Wraps ($5.80) doesn’t look like much when all you see is the leaves. You have to open them up to show the sticky rice and filling. These really were mini in size but rice can get pretty filling so these are perfect for sharing.


The Steamed Minced Pork Dumpling Chew Chow Style ($4.95) have translucent wrappers that are a bit chewy. On the other hand, the Steamed BBQ Pork Buns ($4.95) are pillowy soft.


One of the dishes that we haven’t had before was the Deep Fried Taro Paste and Shrimp Paste ($5.80). The patties were mainly taro paste (as I couldn’t discern any shrimp paste) that were encased in a crispy shell. Despite the lack of shrimp paste, I actually enjoyed these.


Lastly, we tried their Preserved Ham and Green Onion Crepe ($4.95). The crepe originally looked like it would be crunchy but the crepe itself was fairly soft.


323 – 5300 No 3 Road
Richmond, BC

Gingeri Chinese Cuisine 金如意粵菜精華 on Urbanspoon

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